First-Hand Experiences with Chi Dynamics

Since 1982, thousands of people in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and United Kingdom have gained valuable health benefits by practising Chi Dynamics. Following is a selection of real-life experiences recounted by those who have benefited from this self-healing art.

Gaining Precious Moments with Chi Breathing

C Y Leong aged 65, had a heart attack during a golf game in Singapore. His golf partners rushed him to the clubhouse and summoned an ambulance. It took the paramedics approximately 20 minutes to reach him. While waiting, Mr Leong was gasping for air. In his own words: 'I was unable to inhale as my chest felt like a block of cement. I was slipping into unconsciousness. The pain in my chest was intense and I thought I was going to die. Then I remembered the deep Chi breathing using the diaphragm I'd learned in a Chi Dynamics workshop many years earlier. I started to use soft Chui breathing, gently moving the lower abdomen with the inhalation and exhalation of the breath, slowly but surely the chest congestion eased. The pain and the panic in me subsided. I cannot thank you enough, Sifu.' Mr Leong smiled when he recounted this experience to me, when we met again, many years later. When the paramedics arrived, they rendered assistance and drove him to the hospital, where he had three bypasses. The Chi Dynamics breathing method had helped keep him alive, until help arrived.

C Y Leong, as told to Anthony Wee

Taking Control of Life with Cancer

‘I was first diagnosed with cancer 14 years ago. There were periods of remission but the disease reappeared four times, the latest in the form of Lyposarcoma. I was suffering with severe Lymphoedema. My stomach, thighs and legs swelled up to double the normal size. Doctors did all they could, using lymphatic draining massage, compression stockings and bandages, but with very little effect. They finally gave up, saying they didn’t have anything else that could help me. Other programmes I checked out were beyond what I could afford to pay. I stayed in bed day and night with my legs elevated. Finally Alan, a friend from yoga who was visiting from Malaysia, told me he was coming to take me to see Sifu Anthony Wee and Robyn. I was very reluctant to go as I had already given up all hope at this stage. The night before Alan came, I thought was going to be my last!

Sifu started me on Chi healing treatment; consisting of clearing the blockages along the meridians, Chi Dynamics breathing energy exercises, Acu-cupping and some inexpensive detoxifying herbs. Five days after starting the treatment and practicing the Block of Breathing, I woke up one morning to find that one leg was back to normal, my stomach was softer and the other leg was down a little. After a month, doing what I’d been asked to do for myself, along with regular Acu-cupping sessions (at present each fortnight), the changes and improvements were very visible. I had started to gain control over my body again. I was even able to attend Robyn’s Chi Dynamics classes.

The most helpful thing I have found so far has been at Sifu’s clinic. There is a warm, compassionate atmosphere with a caring personal approach and it wasn’t expensive. Best of all I was encouraged and shown how to be in control of my body - results rely on our own efforts. I wasn’t promised anything to give me false hope, just shown how I could relieve pain, sleep better, improve lymphatic drainage, be more relaxed but energised, enabling me to live each day more comfortably and to the full, for however long I am given.’

Ala King, Perth, WA

Recovering from Severe Stomach Disorder with Proper Advice and Healing

‘For many years, I have suffered a severe stomach disorder. Earlier this year I became very ill. For my height, I should be 57 kg, but my weight had gone down to only 43 kg because of the stomach problems. I became very light-headed and nauseous. Despite my low tolerance to some medications, a new doctor put me on four different tablets over a two-day period. I got worse and ended-up in the Emergency Ward. I was in bed for nearly five weeks. I often vomited when I tried to eat. Other foods and supplements gave me very bad diarrhoea.

I heard about Sifu Anthony Wee from a Carmelite Sister, to whom I had turned to in desperation. She told me of someone else who had been helped after suffering a similar problem. My recovery began from my first conversation with Sifu. He gave me advice on how to eat, starting with very small amounts every hour. He advised what my stomach could tolerate and what to avoid.

I started visiting Sifu at his clinic for his healing sessions. He would encourge me and teach me about how to eat and what new foods to introduce. I was instructed in the Chi Dynamics and Chi Meditation breathing techniques. Most sessions included Acu-cupping.

Any products Sifu suggested were natural, easy to obtain and with no side effects. At no time did he stand to gain financially from recommending them. Sifu and Robyn, his assistant, were at all times patient and eager to give advice and help.

I still have a little way to go, as I was very ill. But I am so much better now, thanks to Sifu and the healing offered through Chi Dynamics and Chi Meditation. I will always be grateful for all he has done for me, but more importantly, what he has helped me learn to do for myself.'

Bev Thompson, Tuart Hill, WA

Stronger and Healthier in All Areas

‘Although generally a positive person, who regularly did yoga and daily meditation, I was disappointed by the realisation that my health had not improved. Then I found Sifu Anthony Wee and Chi Dynamics. I started Acu-cupping and attended Chi Dynamics breathing and Chi Meditation classes. Today, six months on, I feel remarkably stronger and healthier.

Two weeks ago I had another mammogram at RPH, Perth and there was no reccurrence of the breast cancer. My diabetes has stabilised, blood pressure is lower and my asthma has improved to the point where I have stopped taking medication. A week ago when I saw my doctor, he was amazed by the improvement in all areas, including the uterus. He also noticed a big improvement in my circulation.

I would like to thank Sifu for the treatments he has given me and sharing his knowledge, his Chi healing ability, patience, time and welcoming presence. I would encourage anyone to attend his healing sessions and classes.

I would like to thank Robyn, who works tirelessly in the Clinic, for her patience and kindness in helping patients learn the Chi Dynamics Block Breathing for healing. Her efforts in encouraging me to lift the pelvic floor first, before lifting the anus and locking, has been most helpful in eliminating the prolapsed uterus and the need for corrective surgery. I continue to practise every day!'

Claire Chmela, Perth, WA

Coping With Liver Cancer and Chemotherapy

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with a melanoma tumour inside the base of my optic nerve, close to my brain. The tumour was removed successfully. I lost my eye, but that seemed a small price to pay to have my life. The rehabilitation was a very traumatic time so I turned to meditation to try and calm myself. This enabled me to recover quickly.

Recently I was shocked to learn that I now have cancer of the liver! Because of my earlier experience, I was more aware, prepared and confident. This time I decided to try different mind and body training techniques and treatment from various cultures. I am convinced that Chi Dynamics and Chi Meditation, as taught by Sifu Anthony Wee, along with Acu-cupping, has given me the greatest benefits I have ever experienced.

Before my first treatment with Sifu, my white and red blood cell counts were so low it was doubtful whether I would be able to continue with the chemotherapy treatment. I had my first session of cupping and breathing with Sifu and went for my blood test. Unbelievably, my blood counts almost doubled. After several sessions, my count went back to normal parameters, even during chemotherapy, which usually has a devastating effect on cell production. I have had virtually no side effects from the chemotherapy. I look and feel so healthy compared to before, that people wonder what I'm doing there, when I walk into the Royal Perth Hospital treatment room.

I stabilised so well and the tumours were contained well enough that they could surgically remove half of my liver. Prior to surgery I was informed that I would be in intensive care for one week and in hospital for a further four weeks at least. I came out of intensive care after 24 hours and was in hospital only 10 days. I attribute this to doing block breathing at least four times a day for the previous 1 year prior to surgery. After the operation, I was told to do diaphragmatic breathing to avoid fluid build-up in the lungs. Fortunately for me, this came naturally because that was what I had been doing since Chi Dynamics.

Four months after that operation,two or three much smaller spots were showing. This required another term of chemotherapy. Since then, I've become much more disciplined in my approach to what I need to do every day for my well-being. My overall routine now incorporates regular blocks of breathing throughout the day, Maroon bush tea morning and night, a major focus on healthy eating habits, a positive attitude with a change in lifestyle, more in keeping with taking good care of myself in mind and body giving me the confidence that I have the ability to heal myself completely.

Sifu and the Chi Dynamics Centre has been the foundation stone to my personal programme of mind and body healing. It has opened my eyes to a whole new quality of life regardless of the fact that I have a life-challenging issue to deal with. I am fortunate to have found this treatment and that Sifu has shown me things I can do, helping me take an active part in my own healing. I would recommend anyone to give it a go, regardless of your health problem, but especially if you are faced with cancer.'

Craig Emmett, Perth, WA-Febuary 2001

Finding Cure for Migraine After 24 Years

‘I suffered from migraine headaches for 24 years and never knew the cause. Sometimes during times of stress, there would be sinus symptoms. But one thing was for sure; I would always have two to four every month. Pain relief didn't work because I couldn't keep anything down. The attacks sometimes lasted up to 48 hours.

Last year I quit work, because I felt really bad that I was letting my workmates down because of the headaches and stress. Strangely, I still kept having the headaches.

I tried everything and nothing worked, including chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, herbs, and vitamins, to name a few. You name it, I have probably tried it, but still I had the headaches.

Out of desperation, I started taking preventative medication, which helped slightly but was not worth the side effects. It was at this time that I first heard about Sifu Anthony Wee.

After one session with Sifu, I started to feel different. The depression lifted and I felt like I was part of the human race again. I took myself off the medication and I haven't looked back since. The Acu-cupping that Sifu used, along with the Chi Dynamics breathing techniques he teaches, has also helped to alleviate my back pain.

I highly recommend Sifu and his techniques as I feel I have my life back after suffering for so many years.'

Diana, Yokine, WA

Cure Pain and mobility without Medicine

‘My severe headaches, lack of mobility, back and leg pain, Osteo-Arthritis & Ankylosing Spondylitis, has improved dramatically since starting and practicing Chi Dynamics Chi Breathing techniques. I was serious about changing what had been happening to my body over a number of years since an accident, followed by a few operations. I started attending 4 to 5 classes each week.

Initially in class, I couldn't get down on the floor to learn the breathing ( I had disability for 4 years ). I needed to sit most of the time doing the movements. I could not use one of my arms and I had limitations with the other. Walking was difficult; even walking up one more step was painful. There were days I could not move to turn over, or get out of bed, because of the pain. I could feel something changing from my very first attempt. When some months later, I found out about the Acu-cupping Sifu did in his Clinic, it was a powerful combination to remove the old injuries. It has helped me turn my life round, health-wise! I am proud that I am now a qualified Chi Dynamics Instructor and able to help others.'

Robyn Hudson
Instructor, Personal Assistant to Sifu Anthony Wee
Volunteer Instructor at the Support Centre for Cancer and
Leukaemia - Sir Charles Gairner Hospital
Perth, Western Australia

Conquering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

‘For the last 2 years I have been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. After trying every imaginable treatment from so many different fields, I was on the verge of losing hope of finding something or someone to help me.

Then I was told about Sifu Anthony Wee, although not about anything he did. When I first met Sifu, I knew he was someone special. He asked me what my problem was and went straight into the treatment for me. He used Acu-cupping to clear my energy channels.
After the session with Sifu, I felt absolutely exhausted. I was covered with large blue and black marks on my body and felt as if I’d just gone 12 rounds with him. I went straight home and flaked out in bed and my thoughts were “I’m not going to do that again”. The next morning, surprisingly, I woke up feeling quite refreshed. This was an odd feeling because I hadn’t felt anything like this for over a year. After two days, I felt great.

I go to Chi Dynamic and Chi Meditation classes and have the occasional treatment. I owe a debt of gratitude to Sifu, Shane and Robyn for their help. In my humble opinion, this treatment and the Chi Dynamics breathing classes have been the most important part of my recovery and I recommend it to others.’

Chris Harold, Perth, WA

Fighting Cancer with Chi at 73

Terry, aged 73, was diagnosed with colon cancer 25 years ago. It was surgically removed and he was free of it until January 2002 when he had acute pain in the stomach. An examination showed the cancer in the colon spreading to the lymphatic system. He was unable to undergo chemotherapy because of very low blood count. He lost more than 30 lbs in just a few months and felt very weak.

In desperation he went on Chinese herbs for three months. Then a friend told him about Chi Dynamics breathing therapy founded by Sifu Anthony Wee. Terry immediately agreed and was taught by Senior Instructor Ong Kah Yong and Larry Yong, both volunteers of the Healing Chi Association of Malaysia.

Terry said: "I was asked to lie down and do diaphragmatic breathing with pursed lips which they called Chui method. The effect was almost immediate - a sense of well-being prevailed after the breathing exercises, which I did five times a day. My energy returned. Before, I could not walk properly. After a few months I could even drive myself. Four months after I started practising the Chi Dynamics exercises, the doctor who did the medical test told me that I am free of cancer. It was unbelievable. I know I feel good. I have gained back 18 lbs. I am now going on the Chi Dynamics Instructors Preparation Programme. I want to be an instructor to help others.'

Terry Tye Sze Toen, Malaysia, November 2002

Chi, my eyes and my ligament

'After practising Chi Dynamic Breathing and Chi Meditation exercise for about 2 years, I wish to share my personal experiences and views with others.

I have always been interested in learning Qi Gong, as I have heard so much about the art and the benefits to be derived from practising this ancient exercise since I was young. My search for a Qigong Master was long and fruitless. In retrospect, I was exposed to martial arts during my younger days as my maternal grandpa was one of the renowned martial artists in Kuala Lumpur.

I have never met a real life Qi Gong Master for the past 15 years but the opportunity presents itself in 2000 when Master Anthony Wee was introduced to me. I attended a preview of Chi Dynamics with much eagerness. Then, I proceeded to enroll for the Chi Dynamics exercise class which I find it very beneficial.

My first lesson on Chi Dynamics was awe-inspiring. What is most amazing is the effectiveness of the set of exercises performed which is able to generate the energy within. The Chi breathing exercises and Chi meditation techniques encompass a wide range of movements to harness Chi both from within and without our body. Chi Dynamics has breathed a new life and introduced a meaningful concept of the energy centres to me.

Health wise, I have never had any serious ailments, apart from a torn ligament on my lower back and a recurring eye problem. My eyes have always been problematic, as it is often very dry and tired. I began using eye-wash followed by eye drops on a daily basis, at least three times a day. My eye sight did not improve but deteriorated instead. The pain and discomfort was most excruciating when I did not have a good night sleep. There was this feeling of tension and tightness around my eye balls at times. One morning when I opened my eyes, I saw thousands of black dots like tadpoles, so-called floaters, on my left eye. Later in that day, I began to see flashes of light at the corner of my eyes when I turn my head. The next day, I was compelled to consult an eye specialist and I was told I had a torn retina. There was nothing much that the specialist could do except he advised me to take a few days off and to rest my eyes. I was warned that if this condition persisted, I have to go for a laser treatment to solder the spots on the retina, where I had a tear. If the laser treatment failed, the last alternative was to go for an eye surgery.

Well, my condition did improve after a short rest and so the laser treatment was not necessary, but there were still some remaining black dots and cloudy vision which inevitably I have to live with. However, in less than a year, I went through the same torment but now on the right eye. My break through out of this eye problem was when I enrolled for the Chi Dynamic class. As a matter of fact, I actually forgot that I used eye drops once upon a time, until I saw somebody doing it.

Another experience which I want to share with you is in relation to acu-cupping. I moved office and it coincided with my house renovation. As usual, there were a lot of packing, moving things around, cleaning and unpacking work to be done. In the process, I aggravated an old injury, my torn ligament and the pain spread to my left leg. I could not even lift my left leg when I stepped into my car. Neither could I sit down nor stand up for a long period, as I have this numbness feeling on my lower back. I had to lie down and sleep on my right side. I just could not turn to my left side as my body weight caused a pulling sensation at the lower back which travels down to my left leg. I was so afraid that I would be paralysed.

On 16th June 2002, we had our official opening of the Secretariat and Sifu came to officiate the ceremony. Free therapeutic cupping for instructors was also included in the programme. I was the first to be treated, a large sore patch at my lower back in hues of black and dark blue appeared, after having done the acu-cupping. I was informed that I had internal bleeding probably along the capillaries at my lower back. Sifu applied some herbal concoction with bandages on my lower back and I was advised to keep it on for 24 hours. It was an instant relief and I slept soundly with only minor discomfort, as I had not slept well for 2 weeks.'

Hew Chee Wai
Secretary, Healing Chi Association of Malaysia

Developing Inner Power and Strength

'Sifu Anthony Wee has taught me Chi Dynamics and shown me the importance of inner power. From his training method, I developed a lot of power and internal strength, which enabled me to fight and compete with opponents in heavier weight categories.'

Toh Kok Sum
4th Degree Black Belt Singapore TKD Champion
Singapore Armed Forces Champion 1975-79

‘Chi Dynamics and the Chi Meditation system, taught by Sifu Anthony Wee is the most powerful and beneficial I have experienced and I continue to use it to this day.’

Master Chris Austin
O.A.M. 5th Dan International Black Belt Instructor
Past President Australian Soo Bahk Do
Moo Duk Kwan Federation

‘The exercises in the Chi Dynamics system are both extremely effective and easy to do. I would recommend the Chi Dynamics exercises to everyone, whether you are looking to improve your health or maintain your own good condition.

The Martial Arts application of the Nei Gong (Iron Shirt) internal strength side of the Chi Dynamics syllabus are unsurpassed in their effectiveness. Through regular practise of the techniques, I have done many demonstrations that initially I thought to be near impossible.

Chi Dynamics has worked for my entire family and me; it will work for you too!’

Shane Francis
Chief Instructor, Australia
Chi Dynamics/Shunlin Wushu Kwan

Enhancing Healing with External Energy

Robert suffered acute pain in the left leg after he had a nerve transplant. The surgeon took a nerve from his left leg and used it to repair a damaged nerve in the hands. The pain in the leg was so bad that even the slightest touch would send him reeling. I used the non-touch method to relieve his pain - initially from about five feet away, zooming into the pain-affected area, and increasing the flow of the Chi. He was seated comfortably, breathing the Chi Dynamics way that I taught him. As the external Chi flowed to the affected area, “I felt a warm sensation followed by numbness and then the pain eased off,” he said later.

Robert came for three more treatment sessions over two weeks and with his own breathing exercises twice a day at home, after four to five weeks Robert was able to work in his own garden, something he could not do before. Sometimes a little help from an outside energy source (Chi) can enhance the healing response.

The external Chi transmitted managed to release the blood flow into the affected area and his own healing process followed to alleviate the pain.

As related to Sifu by Robert, Wagin WA

The Power to Heal Herself

‘Chi Dynamics has given me back the power to heal myself. I am now able to walk again with very little pain in my knees. Attending classes initially once a week and now twice a week. My shoulder tension is much less and energy level is increased. It is a way to ensure quality of life.’

Marlene Page, Perth, WA

Relief from Anxiety

‘Anxiety was affecting my breathing and overall health, as I had just given up smoking and was scared of the damage to my lungs from that disgusting habit. Since starting with Chi Dynamics Breathing and exercise classes with Doreen, I am feeling my lung capacity has greatly improved. I practice every day to keep my mind, body and soul refreshed with oxygen and energy. Since starting Kung Fu classes with Shane, it very fulfilling to be able to merge the ‘Chi’ with the Kung Fu. Quite a change from being totally inactive and unhealthy! I am now incorporating the breathing methods when I play tennis and go jogging.’

Mark Sensenberger, Perth, WA

Cure for Gout and Cholesterol

'I have benefited a lot from Chi Dynamics exercises. My mind has become more calm and serene. I have stopped taking medication for cholesterol and high uric acid. The gout which used to affect my right toe has gone.'

Ong Kah Yong, Malaysia

Cure for Diabetes

'I am a diabetic and after practicing Chi Dynamics for 8 months, my blood sugar level is back to normal.'

E Waran s/o Subramaniam, Malaysia

More Energy to Help Others

'I am a reflexologist and from my knowledge of working with various 'internal' channels of the body, I find that Chi Dynamics really concentrates on improving internal aspects of the body as well as overall physical health. During these eight months of constant practice, it has helped me immensely. I feel fitter and have more energy now to treat more patients daily. I have since recommended all my patients to take up Chi Dynamics.'

Ng Ai Meng, Malaysia

Chi and Asthma

'I was born an asthmatic, so far I have seen no less than eight doctors, my condition was quite bad and required periodic medical check-ups. After Sifu treated me, I have never felt better and was very much energized. After ten months of constant and diligent training, my sweating has reduced and health has improved tremendously.'

Wong Chang How, Malaysia

Restoring Mobility without Painkillers

‘It is said, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” For nearly 20 years, I had been taking anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers for chronic osteo-arthritis. Finally, I could take no more without being sick. Then I read about Chi Dynamics in the local community newspaper. I started attending the basic class twice a week, learning how to breathe and doing the exercises, both in class and at home. It has changed my life. I am now living a drug-free life, moving freely and without pain. My vitality has increased and my joie d’ vie has returned. Thank you, Sifu Anthony Wee.’

Dr Nancy Ault, Perth, WA

Chi Dynamics help me to manage menopause

'Before I started Chi Dynamics, menopause was a problem. I slept about 3 hrs at night. The doctor started me on the H.R.T. programme. It did help me to sleep better, about 4 hours. I felt lethargic and nothing was of interest to me. I tried taking health supplements which did not help much.

I started Chi Dynamics in Aug. 2002. Initially, I did not experience any change due to not able to attend the class regularly and also not practicing at home. But about 3 months ago, I started to practise half an hour to about an hour daily. I felt so energized that I could participate in a lot of activities during my free time.

I stopped taking the hormone H.R.T. 2 months ago and am doing well. I believe Chi Dynamics has made the difference for me.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Senior Instructor Ron Song who generously gives his time to help us. I would also like to thank Nicholas, Anthony and Lawrence for guiding me.'

Grace Tan, Singapore

Chi Dynamics help me to Slim

'I have been practising Chi Dynamics for about two and a half years. My old friends are surprised with the change in me. My waist line has reduced to 34 inches from 40 inches. My face is radiant, muscles toned and I feel fresh at all times. My blood pressure is back to normal now, and I am off the medication that I was taking for the last 20 years. I really feel good and am confident in any environment. I feel great that I am able to teach others the Art and witness them benefit from it.'

Nicholas Chia, Deputy Chief Instructor, Singapore

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